State Fair 4-H Non-Livestock Guidebook


All events cancelled


Clothing Days

Tuesday, August 4 – Thursday, August 6

State Fair Clothing Award Application

State 4-H Fashion Board Application  Word    PDF

Information about clothing days:

Creative Arts Day I


Thursday, July 30


Creative Arts Day II

(cake decorating)

Tuesday, August 4

Communication Days

Wednesday, August 5 - Thursday, August 6

Companion Animal Day

Friday, July 31


Dog Activities    
Engineering - Tractor Day 

No State Fair Competition in 2020

Takes place at AgPro Ohio Equipment, London Ohio

Parts ID and courses for state fair event

Engineering - Welding Day

No State Fair Competition in 2020

Takes place in the Ag Engineering Building on the OSU Campus
Engineering Excitement Day

Saturday, August 1

Family Life Day - Child Development

Thursday, July 30

Family Life Day - Genealogy

Thursday, July 30


Food & Nutrition Days


Tuesday, August 4 - Thursday, August 6

Food and Nutrition Portfolio Interest Areas
Health & Safety Skit Contest

Wednesday, July 29

Health & Safety Speaking Contest


Wednesday, July 24

Area Participant Letter

Speaking Contest Rules

Areas for Participation

Skit Contest Rules

Area Contests:

  • Area II Wooster - OARDC - July
  • Area III  Columbus - 4-H Center - June 29
  • Area IV  Columbus - 4-H Center - July 1
Health Day Wednesday, July 29  
Home Decorating and Design Day

Thursday, July 30

International Day

Sunday, August 2

Junior Fair Ag/Hort Show    
Junior Fair Horse Show    
Leadership Day

Sunday, August 2

Shooting Sports Public Speaking & Demonstration Contest

Friday, August 7


Shooting Sports Public Speaking Contests Registration Form
Natural Resources Day I

No state fair competition for 2020

Natural Resources Day II

Saturday, August 8

4-H PetPALS Day Friday, July 31

Score Sheet

Entry Form

Photography Day

Saturday, August 1

Quilt Day

Wednesday, July 29

STEM Day Saturday, August 1
Self-Determined Project Day

Sunday, August 9

Woodworking Day

No state fair competition for 2020

Woodworking Guidelines

Workforce Preparation Day Wednesday, July 29 Workforce Preparation Day Registration Form