The Ohio 4-H Foundation




The mission of the Ohio 4-H Foundation is to promote, expand, and give recognition to the Ohio 4-H Youth Development Program, solicit contributions and gifts, and recognize youth and adult volunteers.

Several values help determine the Board’s plan of action each year:
  • Youth development is the focus of all 4-H activities.
  • 4-H encourages individuals to reach their potential.
  • Partnerships are essential to successful youth development.
  • Volunteerism is fundamental.
  • Diversity strengthens 4-H.

Through fundraising events such as the annual An Evening of Ohio Wine and Food and donor gifts made to the Foundation, County and Named Endowments, the Ohio 4-H Foundation is able to raise nearly $1.1 million annually to benefit the Ohio 4-H Youth Development Program.


We asked and you shared- Ohio 4-H Alumni Share their favorite fair memories!

My favorite 4-H memory is from this year. It's about friends and family helping each other along the way. Here is a picture of my beautiful niece who loves showing market hogs with her cousins and sister. When she received Grand Champion Market Hog at the Gallia County fair, there wasn't a dry eye in the stands! To top it off, her cousin and mentor received reserve champion her last year showing.

Michele Pope

Some of my favorite photos. The first is of my youngest daughter Mya before she shows with my mom and daddy (aka Granny Mac (Maxine) & Kenny Pop (Ken) Monlux) At this time I believe they had been 4-H advisors for 50 years! Mya isn’t even old enough to show in 4-H yet but insisted that she was showing HER calf in open class. She kept arguing with her Cloverbud advisors that she was showing a calf in 4-H and they kept telling her she wasn’t allowed to show animals as a Cloverbud. When I found out I had to explain to them that it was open class.

The second photo is of Mya with her calf right before showing. Not even big enough to handle a regular show stick my husband made her one her size out of a dowel rod. She may have placed last in her class but she sure was proud of that calf she bottle raised. She’s now in 4-H for the first year and excited to show her lamb at the fair along with her 2 older brothers.

The last 2 are of her older brothers Kaleb (4th place) & Tony. Kaleb was thrilled with his 4th place ribbon although there were only 5 lambs in his class. Tony I was so proud of. His lamb had actually jumped up and hit him in the mouth causing a busted lip but he kept right on showing blood and all. Managed to get it cleaned up and the judge even told him how proud he was that he kept going even though it had to have hurt. Can’t tell it in the photo but it was pretty swelled up by the next day.

Beckie Monlux

I have so many wonderful memories of my 4-H days that it is impossible for me to choose only one! I will try to keep it to the most cherished memories so this does not turn into a book.

I was a 4-H member for a full ten years. For each of those years, I attended Camp Clifton. I loved every aspect of the camping experience: making crafts to take home and show off; learning the various line dances during recreation time; the daily trek to the lovely secluded area for Vespers, and the precious conversations late at night in the cabin with my new friends. When it was time to become a Junior Leader, I was thrilled to get the chance to be a cabin counselor to help share those kinds of moments with my campers, both in our cabin and in activities with the group at large.

Two key things would become the legacy of my 4-H experience: It broadened my horizons, and it gave me a circle of friends outside of my school and community. I learned new skills, improved my ability to interact with others, and gained an appreciation for the camping experience. Those broadened horizons led me to explore many possibilities in my adult life. That circle of friends was vital to me during my years in school, as we maintained our friendship from a distance via exchanges of letters so we would be up to date for camp the next year; I am proud to currently call some of those campers my friends after all these years.

As to a specific memory? The first thing that comes to mind is the little speech my mother gave to my cabin counselor each year. I was a sleep walker, and Mom always worried that I would exit the cabin and become lost somewhere in Clifton Gorge! Each year, we packed my clothing and personal goods in a foot locker. Mom always instructed the counselor to place the foot locker in front of the door so she would be awakened if I attempted an "escape." I'm still here, so I would say that was a successful plan!

Sewing and furniture refinishing are still part of my life today, so I am grateful to 4-H for those skills. The overall 4-H experience has played such an important part in who I am today. Although the world in which we now live is so different, I am so glad 4-H is still there to provide these experiences to new generations. Thank you for what you do to ensure that this valuable program continues, and thank you for permitting me to recall how lucky I was to have 4-H as a huge part of my life!

Linda Lewis Paul

It is difficult to pinpoint just one favorite memory of my 4-H career. However, I am honored to have served as the 2010 Ohio Fairs' Queen and the 2009 Fairfield County Junior Fair Queen. Traveling to 88 of the 95 fairs in Ohio allowed me to witness the positive impact that 4-H has on so many youth.

I am proud to be a 4-H alum, as the experiences I had through this program helped to build critical skills for my career in journalism/communications. Through my experience showing dogs, rabbits and more, I learned about responsibility and dedication. By serving on Junior Fair Board, Teen Council and as a camp counselor, I learned how to be a humble leader. I learned how to serve my community. The friendships and networking opportunities I was provided are still valuable today as I continue on in my career. I will always cherish my 10 years as a 4-H member, and will continue to promote this program to everyone I meet.

Heather Wilson


The Ohio 4-H Foundation Evening of Ohio Wine and Food – Save the Date!

Save the date! The 2019 Celebration of Youth, An Evening of Ohio Wine and Food will take place on Saturday, October 12.  The money raised from this event supports the Ohio 4-H Foundation Endowment, the Nationwide & Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center endowment, and Ohio 4-H programming and operations.  These proceeds will benefit all 88 counties in Ohio and reach more than 216,000 Ohio 4-H Youth. If you are interested in volunteering for the Celebration of Youth planning committee or donating an item for the live or silent auction, please contact the Foundation at