Task Forces

 2018 CFAES Taskforces


Staff Appreciation


  • Amanda Forquer - Chair
  • Vicki Myers
  • Andy Evans
  • Brandi Gilbert-Hamlin
  • Zak Ralston


Communications and Marketing

The purpose of the Communications Committee is to publicize and promote the activities of the CFAES Staff Advisory Council, through such means as:

- The Staff Advisory Council web site
- Press releases about award winners and other news
- Communication via the College listserve
- Regular submission of articles to the Dean’s monthly electronic newsletter
- The Staff Advisory Council display



  • Beau Engle - Chair
  • Charissa Gardner
  • Cambree Moser
  • Sara Tallmadge
  • Carol Poe


Staff Recognition

The purpose of the Staff Appreciation and Staff Recognition Task Force is to actively seek ways to recognize the staff of the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences. Their responsibility is to oversee the Staff Advisory Council’s Annual Staff Recognition Banquet by organizing the actual banquet and facilitating the four SAC Award Nominations process which currently includes the Shirley Brooks Jones, Key Values, Innovation, and Special Recognition Awards.Staff Appreciation and Staff Recognition Task Force

They also assist in planning and implementing staff appreciation activities on both the Columbus and Wooster campuses and identifies other appreciation opportunities for CFAES staff members located in other parts of the state (example: welcome letters). In particular, the Staff Appreciation Task Force coordinates and facilitates the Staff Appreciation Week activities and “Thank You Notes and Appreciation Tokens,” which reaches throughout all of the CFAES locations in the state.  This task force also co-coordinates the annual Campus Campaign Pancake Breakfast with the CFAES Campus Campaign Development Team.

The Staff Advisory Council continues to look for ways to recognize the efforts of the staff of CFAES. We would like to develop a system for which customers or co-workers can easily report their satisfaction of a CFAES staff member and have that staff member rewarded. This task force will work with CFAES Administration and CommTech to develop and launch a staff recognition program for the College that can be accessed online.



  • Joy Bauman - Chair
  • Misty Harmon
  • Denise Miller
  • Terri Fisher


Professional Development

Through the CFAES Staff Advisory Council Professional Development Fund we provide opportunities for staff members to engage in professional development when their department budgets might not allow for it. In order to continue our goal of providing professional development awards, this task force must also work to ensure the continued growth of the CFAES Advisory Council Professional Development Fund.

This task force also will organize and oversee an annual or bi-annual CFAES Road Trip. The Road Trip is intended to give CFAES staff an opportunity to visit the many different and varied locations and operations which function as part of the CFAES. On location tours and interviews with faculty, staff and students throughout the college will enable participants to grow in their knowledge and appreciation for the many different facets that make up our college.  Each Road trip will focus on a particular component of the college and will be eligible to all CFAES staff.


  • Kayla Arnold - Chair
  • Stephen Baker
  • Jared Morrison
  • Sarah Hancock