Staff Advisory Council

Statement of Purpose

The Staff Advisory Council (hereafter Council) shall act in an advisory capacity to the Vice President of Agricultural Administration and Dean, College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (hereafter Vice President/Dean).

The purpose of the Council is to:

  • Provide a formal vehicle for staff participation in the betterment of the College by shaping an environment that promotes mutual respect, builds teams, and creates a compelling place to work and learn;
    • Increase the efficiency and scope of communication within the College and University by:
      • Serving as the staff voice/liaison to the Vice President/Dean
      • Relaying communication from the Vice President/Dean to staff,
      • Facilitating staff-to-staff communication, and
      • Broadening university-wide communication through its relationship with the University Staff Advisory Committee;
  • Support the CFAES Core Goal “To be the standard of excellence for colleges of food, agricultural, and environmental sciences.”


2019 Officers 

  • Amanda Forquer - Chair

  • Jared Morrison - Past Chair

  • Sara Tallmadge - Vice Chair

  • Carol Poe - Secretary/Treasurer

  • Zak Ralston - Communications Director

  • Beau Ingle - Public Relations/Archivist


CFAES Staff Advisory Council and Wooster Staff Council members showing off the new staff recognition swag while visiting the Wooster campus

Reasons to join CFAES Staff Advisory Council

Why become a member of SAC? 

For many reasons including 

  • representing your departmental staff at the college level
  • helping fellow staff members gain recognition within the college
  • meeting other staff members you would might otherwise not meet
  • personal development opportunities
  • and career enhancement just to name a few!

Each member of SAC is appointed for a three year term, if you are interested in becoming a representative or even just have questions on what we strive for and accomplish on Staff Advisory Council, contact a representative here


See what others have said about their time on CFAES Staff Advisory Council:


“Staff Advisory Council helped me to better understand the services and opportunities that were provided to staff within the college. I have a much better understanding of the needs, not only here in Wooster, but also the challenges that Columbus and Extension face. Each location is unique and Staff Advisory Council allowed me to have a better understanding of how each operates. Serving on the Staff Advisory Council enabled me to gain personal and professional development through meeting new people within the college. It’s been a pleasure working with so many committed staff, I’m very fortunate to have met, worked and learned from so many talented people.”            - David Dietrich, Admissions Office, ATI

”Council helped me to better understand the commitment that the college administration has for the staff. There is the desire to help and support the staff in many ways. I will always remember the depth of dedication many staff members from around Ohio have for the college and its cause. Serving on council enabled me to gain personal and professional development through challenging me in the different roles I held on the council. The team was always up for a challenge and sought to communicate to others within the college, their individual worth. It was also to my benefit to be able to work with the administration and realize that staff within the college can make a difference.             - Trina Beebe, Administration, ACEL