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Session III

  1. If Only I Knew What My 4-H Educator REALLY Thought

    (301) If Only I Knew What My 4-H Educator REALLY Thought


    Calling brave advisors!  Whether you are new or a seasoned advisor, any advisor who is open to learning is welcome to come to this class!  The plan is to have fun, celebrate your role as a 4-H advisor, and see if there are things we can improve. Many 4-H Educators from around Ohio were polled (by a 4-H volunteer) and asked if they had "ONE THING" to share with 4-H advisors, what would it be? The responses covered a wide range of topics including important elements of a 4-H club meetings, boundaries, encouragement, conflict, and more! The goal is to review their responses and look for ways to support our common goal of Positive Youth Development through our own actions and circles of influence.  It will be enlightening, challenging, and require some self-reflection in order Make the Best, Better. Limited to: 50 participants.  Presented by: Amy Fleshman 

  2. How do You Build Successful Youth-Adult Partnerships

    (310) How do You Build Successful Youth-Adult Partnerships


    4-H Youth Development identifies youth-adult partnerships as a foundation of the program giving youth a voice in issues, programs, and organizations that affect them. Even with that as a guiding principle or core value, 4-H professionals hear from youth that do not feel they have a voice or that their ideas are heard.  Adult volunteers share their frustrations about youth not sharing their ideas or being active. This session introduces participants to ways to build and maintain successful youth-adult partnerships and barriers to the partnership. Limited to: 60 participants.  Presented by: Pamela Montgomery

  3. (311) Making Meetings Effective and Efficient


    Ever attend a meeting and wonder why? Do two hour meetings happen that could have been cut in half? Do 15 minute meetings happen and you spent more time driving there? Discover how to make the most of your 4-H meetings or committee meetings. This interactive session will introduce techniques that will make meetings more effective and efficient. Limited to: 100 participants. Presented by: Melinda Ryan & Champaign County Youth

  4. (318) Plan Your Career the Right Way


    The Seneca County Junior Leaders hosted a Career Exploration Day for high school youth age 14 and up. A lot of businesses, organizations, and companies are hiring and looking for great young adults to enter the workforce. In return, there are a lot of youth that want to explore what options are out there and what is involved and required of various occupations and careers. Come and learn more about what made this day such a success and how your teen leader groups can do the same! Limited to: 100 participants. Presented by: Katie Cole, Sue Lewis & Members of Seneca County Jr. Leadership