Science on a Stick

Science on a Stick is sponsored by The Ohio State University 4-H Foundation and is part of Ohio’s 4-H STEM initiative. Use this sturdy, hand-held fan to promote the science-side of 4-H with ten simple-to-do experiments that allow participants to experience 4-H's unique and engaging hands-on approach. 4-H professionals, volunteers, and older members can use these fans to captivate citizen scientists at fairs, in schools, and anywhere else audiences will respond to its fun and educational activities. Fans are approximately 8" x 8" with handles attached and available in sets of 300.


Links to Fan Experiments:
·         Sizing it up! Magnifying Light)
·         Cardboard Sunglasses (Polarizing Light)
·         Which Eye is Dominant? (Eye Dominance)
·         Chill! (Evaporation and Cooling)
·         Read in Color (Stroop Effect)
·         Here’s a Twist! (Coriolis Effect)
·         Challenge Your Reflexes (Reaction Time)
·         Where’s Your Blind Spot? (Eye/Brain Relationship)
·         Balancing Act (Center of Gravity)
·         Kite Conversion (Kite Flying)

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