4-H Science

Where's the science in 4-H?  It's everywhere! From animal science to woodworking projects, science, technology, engineering and math are part of 4-H projects, School Enrichment programs and club activities. Check this page often for upcoming 4-H Science events, resources and opportunities.  

Save the Date:  4-H Camp Tech is June 10-12, 2015!!

Science on a Stick 

Use this sturdy, hand-held fan to promote the science-side of 4-H with ten simple-to-do experiments that allow participants to experience 4-H's unique and engaging hands-on approach.
4-H professionals, volunteers, and older members can use these fans to captivate citizen scientists at fairs, in schools, and anywhere else audiences will respond to its fun and educational activities.
Almost everything you need is on the fan, and activities are backed up with explanations on the Science-on-a-Stick page.
Fans are approximately 8" x 8" with handles attached and available in sets of 300.
Order the Science-on-a-Stick fan via OSU Extension's eStores.



4-H Science Saturday: The Science of Sound

Seventeen novice engineers heard a lot when OSU's Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering presented May the Force Be With You: Sound Science. Participants learned about sound waves, discovered why their parents can't hear high sounds, but dogs can and built working speakers for their MP3 players out of paper. Dr. Betty Lise Anderson and her students made the morning a resounding success!
Want to learn how to make a speaker out a paper, copper wire, magnets and cardboard? Click the link below for Dr. Anderson's step-by-step instructions!
And when you finish that speaker, check out some more of Dr. Anderson's great engineering projects: an infrared pulse sensor, LED display, Auto-equalizer and Jeopardy-style quiz circuit!


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